Backlink From Matthew Woodward (Mega SEO Superstar)

I was really pleased to get a backlink from someone I greatly admire in the SEO community: Matthew Woodward!

Matthew has been in the SEO game a very long time, I admire him because he has been consistent and does give some first-class SEO advice and delivers a ton of awesome content.

OK sure – the backlink was from a testimonial but still, the metrics are very nice: DR is 76 – not too shabby at all – and the referring domains totals 37 (as at November 2021) which is always a number that I look at to qualify the “quality” of a backlink.

What’s The Take-Away Here?

If you don’t ask you don’t get is one way of looking at this.

The other thing to say is that yes, it is a great, solid and proven tactic to ask or submit a testimonial in exchange for a backlink, after all – what harm can it really do.

I received a dofollow backlink from his site and yes ok, the link equity is heavily diluted – but – the fact is that it is highly niche-specific to me. Matthew is an SEO Pro and I am also an SEO – albeit in Hong Kong so in Google’s eyes we are related in the terms of taxonomy.

Getting backlinks via testomonials is a strategy that you can deploy and one that you should be as part of your backlinking efforts.

Thanks Matt! I appreicate the backlink!

For those that are interested, here’s his YouTube channel.

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