InfoSec Conference Spotlight Series

“Spotlight” in a category in our directory in which we “shine a spotlight” on a security event anywhere around the world. We interview a founder or co-founder, or someone within the management team and asks them a bunch of questions. How Do We Choose What Events To Interview? Honestly, there’s no set criteria. The only … Read more

How To Be A Confident Public Speaker

Imagine Everyone Naked You’ve likely heard that one before, or perhaps you’ve heard of speaking with pebbles in your mouth like Demosthenes. However, there’s more advice to give than just those old adages. Public speaking is a skill that everyone can master: and that’s the good news. Be Confident Be Honest Just to tell someone … Read more

Virtual Conferences Marketing & Technology

We help Cybersecurity vendors promote their cybersecurity conferences and events so we are always interested to read about event platforms that are launched as well as any type of virtual conference technology. Here are two technologies that have interested us recently: Tame Events Tame Events, or simply “Tame”. Tame is a virtual events platform that … Read more

The State of AI in Cybersecurity | Interview with Jessica Gallagher

Artificial Intelligence is, without question, one of the industries of the future. We’ve been covering Cybersecurity Conferences for a long time and we’ve been adding an increasing amount of AI events to our directory. I’m really pleased to say that I caught up with Jessica Gallagher to ask her our usual bunch of questions regarding … Read more

29 Amazing TED Cybersecurity Talks (2008 – 2022)

What’s This Post About? If you are a new visitor to our website then here’s what we do: we list a ton of information on Cybersecurity Conferences taking place around the world. With our interest in IT Security events, we thought it to be only logical to share some awesome Cybersecurity TED Talks that we … Read more

How To Convert Your Physical Conference To Online

Yes, the world has gone upside down, but that doesn’t mean that you should cancel your Cybersecurity Conference. Convert it online! There are some massive benefits to converting your event online. They are: Kudos and love for carrying on! You’ve got a captive audience (due to quarantine); You’ll also likely attract more senior delegates because … Read more

How Much Are Speakers Paid (in Cybersecurity)

Speaker Fees in Cybersecurity For over a decade, I’ve been deeply involved in the cybersecurity conference space, collaborating with dozens of event organizers across the globe. My journey in the conference space (within cybersecurity specifically) has given me a front-row seat to the transformative power of knowledge-sharing and networking that these events offer. But there’s … Read more

How To Secure Earned Cybersecurity Speaking Engagements

Speaking at a conference is an extremely powerful marketing channel. Let’s be crystal clear: being a speaker is good for two major reasons: Hugely beneficial for your company And – it’s a great way to network Taking each of these in turn, let’s start by appreciating that when you speak at an event or conference, … Read more