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The State of AI in Cybersecurity | Interview with Jessica Gallagher

Artificial Intelligence is, without question, one of the industries of the future. We’ve been covering Cybersecurity Conferences for a long time and we’ve been adding an increasing amount of AI events to our directory.

I’m really pleased to say that I caught up with Jessica Gallagher to ask her our usual bunch of questions regarding a conference she is actively involved with and also to share with us some insights into the future for the event.

Here’s the interview:

What’s The “Best Thing” About Your Event(s)?

This FREE webinar includes 2 panels with industry leaders: one of these covers “Defense: AI for Detection and Incident Response” and the other for “Offense: Hackers’ Perspective on AI” so you can get all questions and topics covered. With a great speaker lineup and informative panel in store, this event is a can’t miss!

How Would You Like To See Your Event(s) Evolve?

We aim to provide free, quality cybersecurity content to anyway looking to learn more via our webinars. We also host one of North America’s largest AI conferences with a whole track devoted to cybersecurity!

What Do You Look For In Speakers And Their Presentations?

We seek executives and data scientists with an abundance of experience with AI in cybersecurity providing them with a unique perspective to share.

Anything Else You’d Like To Share?

This webinar is one in a series of webinar covering AI’s intersections with various industries

Best AI Conferences To Attend in 2023

AI Conferences in 2023

Researchers, academics, and industry experts get together at these conferences to present their most recent findings, discuss emerging trends and methodologies, and network with their contemporaries.

There is a multitude of AI conferences that take place every year all over the world, and the level of attendance at each one can vary greatly based on the particular subject matter and the location.

Some of the most well-attended AI conferences are as follows:

AI Conference NameDateLocation
World Summit AI AmericasApril 2023Montreal, Canada
Ai4August 2023Las Vegas, USA
CollisionNot Sure
Data Science SalonFebruaryAustin, USA
RE•WORK AI Summit WestFebruarySan Francisco, USA
Intelligent Automation Middle East 2023MarchMuscat, Oman
ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot InteractionMarchStockholm, Sweden
The European Chatbot & Conversational AI SummitMarchEdinburgh, UK
Data Innovation SummitMarchMelbourne, Australia
Data Science Salon: Applying AI & Machine Learning to Media & AdvertisingAprilNew York, USA
Scale By the Bay AI ConferenceNovemberOakland, USA
Day of AI (MIT)MayMassachusetts, USA

Researchers, academics, and industry experts get together at these conferences to present their most recent findings, discuss emerging trends and methodologies, and network with their contemporaries.

Whilst our focus is on cybersecurity, we’ve covered AI conferences for many years now – and needless to say, the industry is exploding in 2023.

The Benefits of Attending Conferences?

Attending conferences can be one of the best investments you make for the development of your profession and the opportunity to network that they present. These events give professionals the opportunity to network with others working in their field, get fresh insights and knowledge that can assist them in excelling in their jobs, and hear about the newest developments, trends, and innovations in their businesses.

Attending conferences provides one of the best opportunities to build one’s professional network and is therefore one of the most important advantages of doing so. This is of utmost significance for those looking for work because it gives them the opportunity to network with possible companies and recruiters. Even for people who aren’t actively looking for work, networking with other people can help them create valuable contacts that might lead to future chances for work or partnerships.

In addition, conferences provide an excellent opportunity to pick the brains of industry leaders. At many events, prominent members of the industry speak as keynote speakers or participate in panel discussions, during which they offer their experiences and thoughts. Participating in these sessions can bring useful knowledge and ideas that can be used in your own work, and it is highly recommended that you do so.

In addition, conferences typically provide a variety of workshops and training sessions on a variety of specialized skills and subjects. These are sometimes wonderful opportunities to pick up new information and improve one’s abilities. Attending a conference can help you keep up with the latest developments in your area and maintain your competitive edge in the job market. This can apply to anything from learning a new programming language to mastering a new marketing tactic.

Participating in conferences affords you the chance to demonstrate your own particular knowledge, which is still another advantage of doing so. At many conferences, participants are given the opportunity to present their own work in the form of research or projects. This is a terrific method to gather comments and ideas from other professionals in your field, in addition to increasing your visibility and gaining recognition within your business.

Attending conferences is not only a terrific opportunity to learn new things, but it can also help you regain your passion and enthusiasm for the work you do. Being in the company of people who are enthusiastic about the same things you are can be motivating and stimulating. It might make it easier for you to maintain your motivation and keep focused on your objectives, as well as provide you with fresh ideas for projects or efforts.

In general, going to conferences can be a worthwhile investment because of the chances it provides for professional development and networking. You can get a competitive edge in the job market and develop your career to new heights by networking with other professionals, learning from industry leaders, acquiring new skills and knowledge, and presenting your own experience.

Therefore, if you haven’t been to a conference yet, you should begin looking into some forthcoming events in your industry, and then you should just go for it – you won’t be sorry!