Cybersecurity Conferences in Hungary, 2024 - 2025

Discover Security Events in Budapest, Debrecen, Sopron, Szeged, and Miskolc.

RECOMMENDED | Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit | March 4 - 5, 2024

Cybersecurity has become a global concern, with increased threats to sensitive and valuable data across the world. Hungary is no exception and is increasingly seeking solutions to combat cyber threats.

When it comes to cybersecurity events in Hungary, Budapest has become an emerging tech hub with a growing community of cybersecurity professionals, offering a variety of conferences and events. Notable events such as the Smart Cities Expo Budapest held annually, bring together cybersecurity professionals from across the nation and abroad to discuss current trends and best practices. Additionally, the CEE Security Conference in Budapest, initiated by the Critical Security Center and Clarified Security, is a two-day event that features keynote speakers, workshops, and networking events.

The Hungarian government is now encouraging action to help tackle the growing cybersecurity threats. Through its Cyberathenea program, the government is investing in startups that are seeking to develop innovative cybersecurity solutions. The efforts are designed to promote increased collaboration with the private sector to help develop solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of the country.

Hungary has also invested in making sure its citizens and businesses are educated on cybersecurity threats. The National Cyber Safety Plan was launched in 2017, and includes a series of initiatives to promote cyber safety. The program, which is maintained by the National Cyber Security Agency, focuses on public awareness campaigns to help citizens and organizations protect their sensitive data from cyber-attacks.