B-Sides is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to advancing information security knowledge-sharing through events, conferences, and seminars around the world. Security professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to connect with experts from across the field, contribute their research, and network with like-minded individuals at a B-Sides event.

B-Sides events have taken place in over 50 cities in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia since 2009. Each event is unique, based on the interests and skills of the local community. Security, hacking, privacy, and other related issues are common themes in B-Sides events. In addition to speeches and panels, several of the events provide guests with hands-on opportunities, such as capture the flag (CTF) competitions.

One of the most popular B-Sides events is their annual Las Vegas Conference, which serves as the organization’s flagship event. Every year in Las Vegas, the conference brings together hundreds of security professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs from all around the world. Speakers have included recognized industry specialists such as Johns Hopkins’ Matthew Green, Bruce Schneier, and Danny Pinkas. Attendees will be able to hear keynote speeches, take part in panel discussions, and learn more about forthcoming solutions and technology. Attendees can learn more about products and services they might not have been exposed to otherwise at vendor booths, allowing them to make better-educated decisions at work.

B-Sides sponsors regional events in addition to the Las Vegas conference. These one-day gatherings usually include a keynote speaker, professional development, and a variety of speakers. Masha Sedova, Lee Brotherston, and Laura Poitras have all spoken at previous events. Periodic seminars on more specific areas, such as ethical hacking and digital forensics, are also produced by the group.

B-Sides events provide an excellent opportunity for folks in the information security field to learn and network with others. The group provides a supportive and collaborative environment, and with the variety of events available, there is something for everyone.