Hack in the Box

Hack In The Box (also known as HITB) is a worldwide, non-profit security group that focuses on fostering community-driven exchanges of cutting-edge Electro-Security Research (ECR). HITB, founded in the late 1990s in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has emerged as one of the major worldwide cyber security research and education organizations, regularly hosting international events across the world.

Hack In The Box (HITB) Security Conference, the organization’s annual flagship event, is an international information security conference held in many locations each year. More than 3500 people from all backgrounds attend the conference, which has become known for its unique blend of presentations, trainings, and workshops that give attendees with a complete overview of the newest breakthroughs in computer security. Mobile security, malware analysis, cryptography, digital forensics, and IoT security are among the topics covered.

The HITB Security Conference also includes a prestigious lineup of keynote speakers. Keynotes have been delivered by established specialists in the cyber security field, including internationally renowned individuals such as Bruce Schneier, Mikko Hyppönen, Eugene Kaspersky, and others.

The HITB Security Conference is just one of several events hosted by HITB. HITB also sponsors several additional events throughout the year that focus on certain aspects of information security. HITB GSEC, an advanced security training and educational event hosted in Singapore; HITB CommSec, a regional communication and security conference in the Middle East; and HITB+CyberWeek, a cooperation between HITB and the Cyber Security Agency Singapore, are among these conferences.

HITB organizes worldwide contests in addition to technical conferences and events. Capture the Flag (CTF) and Cyber Attack are two competitions designed to stimulate skill development and inspire new cyber security professionals. These tournaments have taken place in a variety of countries, with top performers receiving prize money and recognition.

HITB remains a pioneer in the international cyber security field, dedicated to fostering information security research and teaching through professional summits, educational conferences, contests, and more.