How To Choose A Cybersecurity Marketing Agency

Here are ten tips that should help you when choosing a cybersecurity digital marketing agency.

There are several options to promote your cybersecurity company online, including social networking, PPC, Twitter, content, SEO, and – our favorite method – speaking at conferences.

Digital marketing firms will take care of the problem for you, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best, but choosing the right digital marketing firm, on the other hand, is no easy feat.

There are hundreds of digital marketing agencies with which you might collaborate.

But how can you, as a company owner or senior executive make a decision when it comes to choosing the best Cybersecurity Marketing Agency?

If you’re only starting your quest in finding an agency, then the choices might be overwhelming.

We’re here to help! Read on!

It may be tough to find the right fit for your specific business requirements, and in this post, I hope to help you by outlining a bunch of ways to help you make that decision.

1. What Are Your Objectives?

Sounds obvious but you need to be clear about these.

Every company has its own vision of what it expects from a marketing strategy; for the most part, it’s just about profit and success.

The methods used by each marketing firm to accomplish these objectives can vary. One organization, for example, might aim to boost your online presence by writing blog posts whilst another might have another specialization.

To select the right digital (cybersecurity) agency that will better represent your interests, be straightforward on the company’s objectives.

2. Does The Agency Have Cybersecurity Experience?

Look for a marketing agency that is able to demonstrate experience within Cybersecurity.

Needless to say Cybersecurity is a very niche and specific industry.

What markets well for a typical B2C eCommerce organization for example will not work well in Information Security.

3. Get The Agency To Offer Referrals!

Be forward and ask.

It’s either your money as the founder or boss of your Cybersecurity Company or, it’s your reputation.

Either way, both are just as important so go ahead and ask to see whether they have collaborated for cybersecurity businesses in your sector or niche before, and what were the outcomes?

Examine the agency’s website and testimonials with previous clients.

As stated, better still, request references – there’s nothing like getting it directly from a client to put your mind at ease.

4. Take The Budget Into Account!

Cybersecurity marketing is a financial commitment.

Many companies have a large budget, and others are looking for anything of a smaller scale.

Most communications companies provide agile resources, but the ones worth your time are consistent with their billing processes and include quotes depending on the company’s needs.

5. Do You Get A Sense The Agency Will Fulfill Your Vision

In Step 1 in my list we outlined the importance of goals.

This is also related to the goals of the marketing relationship that you will have.

Above everything, the best cybersecurity marketing company would be eager to partner with you on any project you have in mind.

While most agencies have tried and tested procedures and processes, the better ones are able to do new things before they discover what works best for the business.

6. Evaluate Their Performance

Any organization can talk a good game, but can it back it up with real genuine results for the company with demonstrable ROI?

Choose a firm that has a tried-and-true system for measuring campaign effectiveness (and failure).

Inquire about previous customer cybersecurity campaigns’ ROI, success indicators, and hard figures.

7. Is The Marketing Agency Full-Stack or Do They Outsourced

This is not a deal-breaker, but it’s important to know.

Some agencies will sign a deal with a client just to send the job to another country.

This practice has a number of flaws, including a lack of local communication, language differences, and the failure to resolve time-sensitive issues. Look for a marketing company that does all of the work in-house – it’s the preferred option.


Because they will really understand the DNA of your InfoSec company much better than an outsourced freelancer thousands of miles away.

The ideal situation is that they come and visit you on a regular basis to your company and sit with you and understand your USP.

8. It’s All About Solid Communication!

Kinda obvious, but it needs to be said.

You need a consulting firm that keeps clients informed.

Inquire whether you would have immediate access to the employee who will be operating on your account. Inquire about the agency’s policies on customer communication during a campaign.

If they do not provide you with a marketing manager (or account manager) then that’s an instant red flag.

Also! Try to make sure that your account manager has experience in cybersecurity.

9. Cybersecurity Marketing Agencies Are Specialized

A large marketing firm does not always imply that it is the best fit for the business.

Look for a company that provides individualized support configured to help you reach your goals.

Hopefully, the agency you choose will have a skill set that perfectly matches your best marketing channels.

10. It’s All About The Long-Play…

You are agreeing to a partnership when you employ an agency to help market your Cybersecurity venture.

Your organization and marketing agency would collaborate to achieve a mutual goal: increasing your company’s revenue and brand awareness.

Will you see yourself collaborating with the agency’s staff? Is there a direct line of contact that can be followed?

Get to meet the agency’s main personalities before signing a deal.

Trust your natural instincts and pass on if anything doesn’t sound good.

And, lastly – good luck!

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