We’ve Relaunched!


It’s been quite a journey.

We started this Cybersecurity Conference Directory back in 2013 when the subject matter was just exploding.

How Did We Get Started?

In 2013 we were focusing our efforts on an InfoSec Training Business called “Concise Courses” and in our valiant attempt to get SEO and free traffic we launched a blog post titled: “Cybersecurity Conferences and Events of 2013”.

Google Loved The Post

It was as simple as that.

Google absolutely loved the post and we ranked pretty much within a few weeks to the Top Spot for all keyword phrases and variations for everything to do with “Cybersecurity Conferences” and “IT Security Events” etc.

The cool thing was those event organizers came flooding into our directory to list their events and that just fuelled the cycle of ‘user-generated content which is the dream when it comes to content marketers.

So, What’s New?

What happened was that we migrated that blog post into its own domain (which you are on now, i.e. infosec-conferences.com) via a simple redirect 301 .htaccess command, and that, fortunately, kept our rankings and traffic.

I built the website myself (when I say ‘built’ I mean that I coded the WordPress theme) and it was very functional for a decent amount of time but we realized at the start of 2018 that we’d built the site somewhat incorrectly since we were creating pages per unique Cybersecurity Conference and it just wasn’t practical. The process that we had was very manual, prone to errors, and frankly, it was a headache to manage and scale wasn’t possible in the true sense of the term.

Enter Custom Post Types

The key to the re-launch was creating WordPress Custom Post Types and then planning a way to “re-use” the data throughout the website in a concise and efficient manner.

We also integrated a social “Add To Calendar” feature, reviews, and a ton more features which we hope will keep our position at the top of the search engines for years to come.

The entire re-launch took about seven months to plan, stage, and publish and we couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Why Not Get A Customized Product To List Events?

We’d rather create our own 100% customized Content Management System which is designed purely for our needs and requirements. Bottom line, having our own “in-house” CMS or Event Management System, allows Concise AC, the company behind “InfoSec-Conferences” to grow and scale.

Thank you for being a part of our community and we invite you to continue being part of our Cybersecurity Conference Family!

Remember to hit us up if you have any questions, and here’s a link to add your event if you’d like to do so.

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