Cybersecurity Conferences in New Mexico, 2024 - 2025

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RECOMMENDED | Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit | March 4 - 5, 2024

New Mexico is a highly secure state that is centered on innovation, technology, and IT development. With an ever-increasing need for cyber security and computer security, the State of New Mexico continues to invest in the development and implementation of security measures.

The state is home to a wide range of cybersecurity organizations, including the Information Assurance Training Academy, the New Mexico Cyber Alliance, and the Southwest Cyber Security Industry Cluster. These organizations provide awareness, education, and support for security initiatives and stakeholders across the board. The state also organizes several conferences and events dedicated to cybersecurity.

The New Mexico Cybersecurity Conference is one of the most well-known cybersecurity events in the state. It is a two-day event focused on teaching attendees how to become more cyber-secure and informed. The summit also includes technology workshops and various industry-specific panels. In addition, the event invites keynote speakers and sponsors to contribute their expertise and insights.

The New Mexico Cyber Alliance hosts multiple security symposiums throughout the year, offering attendees a comprehensive platform to explore cybersecurity solutions, strategies, and best practices. These symposiums bring together security experts, researchers, academics, and government stakeholders to share their knowledge and experience on cybersecurity topics and challenges.

There has also been a growing emphasis on cloud computing security in New Mexico. The Cloud Security Alliance New Mexico Chapter unites cloud security professionals, advocates, and enthusiasts in a collaborative environment. They provide cloud users with the resources and insights needed for secure cloud computing.

Organizations in New Mexico are highly proactive in terms of improving the security landscape in the state. The government, academic institutions, industry experts, and stakeholders are all actively working to find better ways to protect data and mitigate cybersecurity threats. From seminars and workshops to conferences and summits, the state of New Mexico is committed to providing a secure online environment for its citizens.