Application Security Testing Webinars


Application security testing is a critical component of effective cyber security. Within businesses, applications can be used by cybercriminals or hostile actors to obtain access to otherwise secure systems. As a result, these applications must be tested regularly by competent and experienced persons.

Services for Application Security Testing

Testing companies now offer services that thoroughly and routinely test programs to ensure application security. These services can take many different forms, including penetration testing or vulnerability scanning. The goal of penetration testing is to detect any potential avenues of access and to expose any weaknesses in the program. Vulnerability scanning tries to detect and locate any known vulnerabilities, as well as the potential outcomes of these vulnerabilities being exploited to get access.

Synopsys, Veracode, Checkmarx, and Qualys are among the firms and organizations involved in Application Security Testing. All of these companies offer complete security solutions to businesses in a variety of industries. Furthermore, education and training companies frequently offer courses on application security and testing. InfoSec Institute and Global Knowledge, for example, both provide training courses and qualifications in various elements of Application Security Testing.

Events and Conferences

Throughout the year, several events and conferences are conducted to allow firms to network and discuss the newest security trends and themes. Some of the biggest events include Black Hat USA, the world’s most known information security event, and the RSA Conference, which attracts thousands of professionals from the world of cyber security each year. Furthermore, AppSec USA, AppSec Ireland, and AppSec Europe are all industry meetings dedicated to the topic of application security testing.

Application Security Testing Jobs

The subject of application security testing is quickly expanding, and businesses of all sizes are looking for experienced and skilled candidates. There are positions available ranging from entry-level to senior management. Qualified experts in this industry are in high demand, and those with the necessary skills and experience can expect to earn a good income as well as outstanding career opportunities.


Application security testing is a critical component of any successful cybersecurity strategy. Companies across many industries are increasingly recognizing the importance of this activity, as seen by the numerous linked companies, events, and conferences. Qualified individuals in this industry are in high demand, and the variety of positions and wages offered demonstrates the possibility for advancement.