External Attack Surface Management Webinars

External Attack Surface Management (EASM)

The technique of managing digital communication channels between the internet and a set of digital infrastructures is known as external attack surface management (EASM). EASM is used to reduce the danger of cyber security assaults from outside sources while also improving the security of digital assets within a business.

EASM can be used in a variety of situations, such as when an organization’s data is accessible to the public or when an organization wants to securely transfer data to third parties via the Internet. EASM is a component of a company’s cyber security strategy and can be used to protect against both external and internal threats. EASM’s most popular applications include perimeter security, network segmentation, authentication, and encryption.

EASM Companies

Various businesses provide EASM services. Organizations such as Trend Micro, IBM, FireEye, Airbus, McAfee, and Rapid7 are among them. Trend Micro, in particular, provides enterprises of all sizes with a comprehensive array of EASM products, including a network auditing solution and a malicious code detection tool. IBM offers both automated and manual EASM solutions to its clients, as well as a comprehensive range of security services. FireEye provides managed security services, as well as endpoint and network security solutions and an application security testing suite. Airbus has a specialized entity for cyber security threats and offers superior EASM architectural solutions.

Conferences and Events

Attending relevant industry events and conferences is the greatest method to learn more about EASM. The EASM Europe Conference, held each year in Amsterdam, is a particularly popular yearly event that brings together EASM professionals from around the world to discuss cutting-edge protection solutions and security best practices.

The Cyber Security Summit, which has been running since 2004, is another relevant conference on EASM and cyber security themes. This yearly summit draws many of the top EASM specialists and includes a range of keynote speeches, discussions, training sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Qualifications and Education

Working in EASM may require a background in cyber security or a related discipline, depending on the organization. A background in web technology and system management is also advantageous.

There are numerous training programs accessible to get an understanding of EASM. Many significant technology companies, such as IBM, provide certification and training programs for their technologies, such as Security Network Solutions training. Courses are also available through universities and online.

Other Organizations and Events

The EASM Alliance, a member organization dedicated to promoting the use of standards-based EASM compensation, offers a variety of tools and initiatives in the sector. They welcome both vendors and end-users as members and have an annual meeting to discuss the latest breakthroughs in EASM technology.

Finally, if you are seeking work in EASM, some of the most popular companies are CyberArk, Imperva, and Fortinet. These businesses seek employees with a wide range of skills, from software developers to system administrators.


In conclusion, EASM is an essential component of any organization’s security posture. Customers can get EASM solutions from companies like Trend Micro, IBM, FireEye, Airbus, McAfee, and Rapid7. There are relevant conferences and trainings available, and the EASM Alliance offers resources and activities in the sector. Finally, several companies provide career opportunities in the field of EASM.